Have you ever fallen ill and found yourself thinking, “I can’t believe this is happening to me?”

    That attitude can be more harmful than you think, says internationally acclaimed wellness speaker Caroline Myss. “One of the most painful things that you can tell yourself is that you are the exception to a rule,” she says. “That you are the exception to what happens to all living creatures. That, somehow or other, you are living outside the laws of life. That what breaks down everybody else’s body can’t touch yours. That somehow other people will age, but not you.”

    Shake off your denial, Caroline says, and face reality: Illness can happen to anyone, no matter how healthy your lifestyle or how positive your attitude. You might be operating under the delusion, she says, that “if you are a positive person, negative things shouldn’t happen to you.”

    If so, Caroline has some firm advice. “Now, you just stop that,” she says. “I want to put you in your bubble and say, ‘Well, what positive things do you think are protecting you? Is it your psychic positive? Your emotional? How about all your past lives? How about your future lives?’ If I got you in your bubble, you would start screaming, ‘Stop it.’ You can’t possibly know yourself that well.”

    Here, Caroline explains why the sooner we accept that we’re not living outside natural laws, the sooner we can come to terms with illness—and begin healing.