At the height of her fame, singer/songwriter India.Arie had it all. However, as the Grammy winner reveals in her SuperSoul Session, she finally snapped under the unrelenting pressure of the music business. At age 35, India.Arie made the bold decision to take a hiatus, rethink her life and start over. “My life fell apart, and the first thing I did was go into nature,” she says. “And so Henry David Thoreau, poet and philosopher, said it perfectly. He says, ‘Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.’ So I went into nature and I listened. First, I began by writing my whole life story out to myself.”

    After two weeks of soul-searching, India.Arie achieved clarity about how she could lead a more fulfilling and empowered life. Here, she elaborates on the five crucial lessons she learned during her spiritual awakening, including a fundamental truth: “I’m responsible for me.”