Actress Kerry Washington is expecting her second child with husband, actor and former NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha. The news comes just two years after the couple welcomed their daughter, Isabelle, in April 2014. In a Q&A following a taping for a new season of SuperSoul Sessions, Kerry opens up about the impact her daughter has had on her life, telling Oprah, “She’s my teacher.”

    Oprah shares a story about the time when she invited Kerry and her family over to her house. She reveals that the actress couldn’t tear her eyes away from her baby daughter and—much to Oprah’s amusement—that Kerry carefully explained every detail of their visit to Isabelle. “This is what I noticed that you did: You spoke to her and told her everything that was going on at lunch, and then we did, like, a little tour around. You spoke to her like … she was like little person from another planet,” Oprah says.

    “I do think of myself as more of an ambassador, you know, for her to the world,” Kerry says.

    In a touching moment, Kerry discusses how infatuated she is with her daughter and why she thinks of herself as a “translator” of the outside world for Isabelle.