At age 31, Kris Carr was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. She fought back like a champ, embracing a healthy lifestyle and launching a career as a wellness activist. More than a decade later, she is still thriving with cancer, and her healing journey has inspired many. Yet, Kris confesses in her SuperSoul Session, as the 10th anniversary of her diagnosis approached, she desperately wanted to be cured. “Underneath it all I felt broken,” she says. That’s when Kris had an epiphany: She had to shift her thinking and learn to truly love herself—cancer and all.

    Here, Kris shares the three crucial things she has learned about self-acceptance. First, she says, it’s important to know that acceptance doesn’t mean resignation. “Accepting yourself isn’t about giving up or settling. Throwing in the towel. No,” Kris says. “Accepting yourself is about having your own back and never abandoning yourself.”

    Second, Kris says, self-acceptance means believing that you are worthy and never settling for less than what you deserve. “Accepting yourself isn’t about amputating your ambition. It’s about owning your self-worth.”

    Finally, Kris says, when we love ourselves as we are right now and let go of the idea of what we can become, we can start living joyfully in the present. “Accepting yourself is about respecting yourself,” she says. “It’s about honoring who you are right now, today, in this moment, not just who you could become somewhere down the line when we create a mythical, better version of ourselves. … You are not broken. I am not broken. We don’t need fixing. We need loving.”

    Here, Kris reveals the life-changing power of accepting yourself unconditionally.