When life throws you a challenge or presents you with an opportunity, do you find yourself saying that you don’t know how to do that, or that you don’t know whether you have what it takes to be that?

    Don’t waste another minute on these limiting beliefs, says author and life coach Marie Forleo. Instead, embrace a simple mantra: Everything is figureoutable.

    This core conviction, Marie says, is the first step to transforming your life. Because when you truly start believing in life’s infinite possibilities—that everything is figureoutable—then there is no limit to what you can achieve and the change you can effect in the world. “If we start to think about our creative challenges and our life challenges and our collective challenges in this way, that everything really is figureoutable, it all starts to change,” she says. “We go from feeling defeated and overwhelmed and broken to feeling courageous and capable and full of hope.”

    Ultimately, Marie says, everyone is “infinitely capable,” and she poses a challenging question: “What would you do if you held this idea to be true? What would you create or heal or transform or transcend? Who might you become?”

    Here, Marie reveals how a powerful belief can unleash “the unstoppable power of your human soul.”