From its inception about 8 years ago, Las Vegas based rock band Imagine Dragons has always believed it essential that their music come from an authentic place. Lead singer Dan often comments on how his lyrics are his journal and music is the only medium where he feels truly able to express himself. This cathartic experience of playing out these personal stories on stage brought the band from tiny Vegas casino gigs to selling out arenas around the world in a matter of a few years.

    Imagine Dragons has also found great strength and mental stability on the road through focusing on the charity they co-founded, the Tyler Robinson Foundation, whose focus is rescuing pediatric cancer families in financial despair. The courage and optimism of those kids and their families has been a source of strength and a reminder of perspective throughout their journey together. It helps them stay centered in the whirlwind of tour cycles and has often been cited by them as the most fulfilling part of their careers.

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