India.Arie says she came to this work on the shoulders of her ancestors. India is from a long line of preachers and musicians, and one of the few in her lineage to become widely known for what has come so naturally to all. Realizing this in her early 20s gave India a sense of responsibility; her mother gave me a sense of purpose. She is a singer and songwriter who, as a teenager, opened for Stevie Wonder and Al Green and was scouted by Motown. The songs India’s mother wrote were always for a purpose.

    At 19 years old, India began writing her own songs as catharsis. In 2001, with the release of her first album Acoustic Soul, India quickly learned that there were many other people who, like her, needed to hear songs that heal. India’s journey has proven her theory that the vibration of words and music really do matter in the shaping of consciousness and culture.

    India has released five albums in her 17 year career on Motown Records. Her deepest desire is to live with a joyful heart and make money doing what she loves while making a contribution to humanity.

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