The youngest of three girls,  Amanda Steinberg spent her childhood watching her mother’s stress in the wake of her divorce. Determined never to be in a similar situation, Amanda grew up to be high-earning and independent. Yet by 2008, she was $90,000 in debt and in the middle of her own divorce. Amanda was shocked to find herself in the very mess she’d sworn to avoid and vowed to become a conscious student of how her underlying “money story” impacted her decisions around making, saving and investing money.

    Amanda launched DailyWorth in 2009 to champion the connection between women’s self-worth and net worth, including her own. Today, DailyWorth is the leading financial media company for women with over 1 million subscribers. Yet no matter how savvy her readers grew, they still reported a sense of disconnection from the traditional financial services industry. Amanda knew that in order to truly grow their net worth, women needed sophisticated advice, delivered in a way that resonated with them – but it just wasn’t out there. So she decided to start WorthFM.

    WorthFM is an all-digital, low-cost, comprehensive financial management service that grows a woman’s knowledge about investing as her investments grow. It uses algorithmic intelligence to give each client step-by-step directions toward achieving their best financial future. The goal of WorthFM is to ensure that women become confident financial stewards, enabled to make wise decisions for themselves, their families and the world.

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