In the winter of 2002, Jeff Krasno’s wife, Schuyler, opened a yoga studio above his office, two blocks north of ground zero in lower Manhattan. The next 2 years would change the arc of Jeff’s life as he watched a grief-stricken neighborhood heal through yoga, community and intentional space. He became determined to help people “find their true north,” which is to pursue a healthy, inspired life through living mindfully.

    In 2009, Jeff founded Wanderlust, a yoga lifestyle brand and platform. Wanderlust has 45 large-scale events worldwide, four brick and mortar centers and a media business that curates practices, techniques and recipes for living that help people live their best life.

    In May 2015, Jeff released his first book, Wanderlust. He sits on the board of the Sonima Foundation, a non-profit focused on bringing yoga, mindfulness and nutrition to public schools in deserving neighborhoods. Jeff and Schuyler have been attached at the hip for 28 years and have 3 occasionally well-behaved daughters.

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