Rebecca Minkoff moved to New York when she was 18 and started her company from her sixth floor walk-up apartment. From the beginning, Rebecca learned that breaking the rules and never doing what was a considered a “safe bet” would be her biggest strength.

    As soon as Rebecca started her business, she received very vocal feedback from consumers online and began a conversation. The retail stores she was working with at the time were against it. They felt it was beneath them to have a direct dialogue with the bloggers and customers they were connecting with, but that concept went against Rebecca’s DNA. Along with her brother Uri, she rewrote the industry’s rulebook and began speaking directly with consumers through creative uses of emerging technologies.

    Today, Rebecca has built one of the fastest growing brands in the fashion industry and the largest label led by a millennial female designer. Being the same age and sex as her customer, Rebecca’s vision for the brand is to meet her customer’s needs in ways no one else can.

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