Stefan Feuerstein’s first introduction to Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) was as a volunteer in 2003-2004 after completing his undergraduate degree in economics at Warwick University in England. His studies had inspired an interest in development policy which continued to grow during his year and a half at Rancho Santa Fe in Honduras, working as an assistant to Reinhart Koehler, the national director at that time. Stefan then worked in Lima, Peru in a microfinance rating firm. Later, realizing how much he missed working with kids, he left his office job and worked at a home for about 30 kids from the streets of Lima. Stefan then earned his master’s in development administration and planning with a specific emphasis on development and children at the University College of London.

    Stefan is now the national director of Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos Honduras, where he is the legal guardian of and father figure to more than 500 children.

    “Sharing my days and years with my children at NPH,” Stefan says, “I get to see every day how scared children who have been through terrible abuse and suffering learn to play again, to trust again and to love again. They have taught me that no matter how challenging things may be, or how much suffering there may be in the world, all of us can always be the most important factor for profound change in someone’s life.  It is always worth trying to make the world better—one life, one soul at a time.”

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