Amy Purdy grew up with a passion for snowboarding and dreamed of traveling the world. Despite obstacles that should have stopped her in her tracks when she lost both of her legs at the age of 19, her passion carried her to winning a bronze medal in snowboard in Sochi and beyond. Amy is a New York Times best-selling author, runner-up on Dancing with the Stars, an international motivational speaker who has toured alongside Oprah Winfrey, was featured in a Super Bowl commercial—and the list goes on.

    “Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I consider my darkest days some of my most spiritual,” Amy says. “After losing my legs and the life I knew, I became aware that in order to move forward with my life, I had to learn to let go of the old Amy and somehow embrace the new Amy. I asked myself this question: ‘If my life were a book and I was the author how would I want my story to go?’ I visualized what I wanted for my life; it reminded me that I have control over my thoughts, my actions and how I wanted this story to end. I visualized myself walking gracefully, somehow helping others and snowboarding again. I didn’t know how I would do it, but I felt the desire strong enough that I knew I would. I’ve since learned that we don’t always need to know the ‘how,’ we just need to know the ‘why.'”

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