Shortly after Angela M. Davis’s career as a professional athlete ended, she started a family with her husband and became a stay-at-home mom. At home with their sons, Angela felt as if she was fulfilling her highest calling. “My soul was tugged by the creator to take my gifts to others that were waiting,” she says. “In obedience, my journey to sell out to purpose continued. I merged movement with inspiration as I was called to do.”

    Angela was born to inspire. “Inspiring and encouraging others is a natural part of my being,” she says. “The creator of the universe breathed life into me and created me to speak life into others. Through obedience to my call, I discovered a dynamic equation, faith + fitness = freedom.”

    Angela describes herself as “an igniter” fanning into the flame the gifts, talents and calling of those she coaches. “The fire is ignited through faith, fitness and movement,” Angela says. “I fan and I fan until the fire is all consuming in each person I encounter. An all-consuming fire burning away anything holding them back from purpose, resolve and determination. I fan until they know: ‘Yes I Can! Yes I Will!'”

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