Caroline Myss has always had a fascination with all things divine. “I never experienced doubt about the presence or power of the sacred in my life or in the life of every human being,” Caroline says. “I could sense that presence as a child flowing through the blood and bones of people and pulsating in their thoughts.” As an adult, this ability developed into her skill as a medical intuitive.

    Years later, Caroline’s work took a turn into the mystical realm of spirituality, miracles, healing and the power of prayer and grace. She now incorporates mystical spirituality into her other work. “The many blessings of my work have come in the form of profound insights regarding human nature,” Caroline says, “And occasional portals into the many mysteries of the soul that form the journey of life.”

    What Caroline has learned is that people suffer so much because they want life to be what it can never be, which is a just, fair, controlled and well-ordered experience. Yet, paradoxically, the nature of God is precisely that—but that is a mystical truth, not an earthly one. “What I have learned most about myself is that I dwell and thrive in the paradoxical nature of the divine,” she says.

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