In 1985, Esther Hicks and her husband, Jerry Hicks, were asked what they might do to more fully achieve their life’s goals. Encouraged to meditate, they were told to sit in a quiet room, wear comfortable clothing and focus on their breathing. “And so, that day, we meditated, for the very first time!” Esther says. “We both were uneasy about doing something that, at that time, felt very odd to us. But we put on our robes, closed the curtains in our living room and sat in two wing-backed chairs with an étagère between us, perhaps to hide the weirdness from one another. And then the most wonderful thing happened to me. I literally met my Soul.”

    “I focused on my breathing, slowly counting the breathes in and out, and then my Soul breathed me,” Esther says. “I felt like a billows that air was being drawn through and the experience of liquid love and utter well-being engulfed me. My teeth buzzed with the thrill of the Energy while tears rolled down my checks from my first encounter with this astonishing, unconditional love.”

    That day, Esther says, she was forever changed. “Soon after that, clear and loving messages began flowing to me and the voice that I was ‘knowing’ more than actually ‘hearing’ said, ‘I am Abraham.’ My brilliant husband, who was the most inquisitive seeker of helpful guidance and information, was so thrilled with what was happening to me. Through his lifetime he had amassed so many questions and now, he sat with Abraham, for many hours every day satisfying his thirst for knowledge from this broader perspective.”

    At first, Esther says she asked Jerry not to tell others about what was happening. “I was worried about what they might think about such a phenomenal but weird thing, but in time I just could not hold him back,” she says. “He was so thrilled with Abraham’s powerful life-changing message and, in time, he convinced me that we should share it with others.”

    In the early 90s, Esther and Jerry began touring the nation, visiting approximately 40 cities every year. “Our intention was to give as many people as possible the opportunity to be with Abraham, asking any question that was important to them,” Esther says. “Jerry made his beautiful transition into non-physical in November of 2011 and I continue to travel to cities around the world, keeping that intention.”

    “I know, for sure, that I was born to know Abraham in this way,” she says. “And Abraham’s primary message to everyone is that your Soul is reaching out to you in this important way, and that you too can connect and receive the loving message that your Soul is offering to you. I now know the happiness we are all seeking is in our connection to our Soul. To that innermost part of us—aware of us, loving us, knowing us, blessing us, guiding us and being us.”

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