Esther Perel is recognized as one of the world’s most original and insightful thinkers about couples, sexuality and the paradoxes besetting modern marriage and relationships.

    Fluent in nine languages, the Belgian-born marriage, family and sex therapist brings an inclusive and multicultural perspective to her lectures, publications and practice. Esther’s global best-seller, Mating in Captivity, explored the dilemmas of desire in modern love. Her latest book, The State of Affairs: Cheating in the Age of Transparency, will be released soon.

    Many of Esther’s contributions focus on the tension between our need for security and stability and our quest for passion and freedom. The daughter of Holocaust survivors and refugees, she distinguishes between “those who didn’t die and those who came back to life.” Such responses to trauma—clinging to fear and mistrust vs embracing love and lust as an antidote to death—continue to power her innovative work from the couch to the public square.

    The New York Times, in a cover story, named Esther the most important game changer on sexuality and relationships since Dr. Ruth; and her acclaimed TED talks have reached more than 13 million viewers in less than three years.

    “For the lives of women to change, the lives of men must change too,” Esther says. Today, she is a leading female voice in the male realm, helping men become more relational in the bedroom as in the boardroom.

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