Gary Zukav

    Gary Zukav studied religions, cultures, psychotherapies, history and literature. Nothing helped. He was a sex addict, adventurer and explorer. He parachuted, climbed mountains, flew planes, skied and scuba dived. Nothing helped. “I did not know how painful my life was,” Gary says. “I had a big appreciation of what I thought I was, but looking back, it wasn’t what I thought.’

    Gary wrote his first book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, in 1979, and it changed his life. He saw that he was not alone. “It took a lot of work to write, and it was also smarter, funnier and wiser than I was,” he says. “It was my first gift to life (I was thirty five!). Before this gift I was focused on me. I remained that way a long time, but slowly I began to recognize where self-focused experiences of fear and Life-focused experiences of love come from, why, and how to choose between them. These are the beautiful things I share. I am still learning about them, but that requires living what I know. I share that too. These are experiences of authentic power– alignment of the personality with the soul, the new goal and requirement of our evolution and, what I most love to suggest, the purpose of our being.”

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    Linda Francis

    As a child, Linda Francis tried to please people and be a good girl. She wanted to go to college. But, at age 16, she got pregnant, chose to become a mother and married the boy who was the father. “We had another child, and things were not going well,” Linda says. “I knew I needed to leave the marriage in order to grow. I did, and life became even more painful, but I was learning to become more conscious.”

    While Linda’s children were in school, she started college at age 23. She got her BS in Nursing and began working for the first time in her life. Later, she went on to get her Doctor of Chiropractic. “I knew these things were not my life’s purpose,” she says, “but supporting people in their growth was.”

    Linda started getting clues to her purpose when she read the book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, in 1979 and was awed by its message. “In 1989, I read The Seat of the Soul and knew why I was here on Earth,” she says. “I was connected with Gary Zukav several years later, and as spiritual partners we have been practicing, co-creating, teaching and writing about authentic power and spiritual partnership ever since. It is the joy of my life.”