Latham Thomas guides women to live passionate and luminous lives, while celebrating every day rituals. “God put a special kind of medicine inside of my heart,” Latham says. “It is my own brand of magic that I share with the world.”

    As a maternity maven/lifestyle guru, Latham has had the distinct honor of witnessing one of the most transformative processes of one’s life—giving birth. “Birth is imbued with ritual and seeing women at their most powerful and most vulnerable is a gift that I cherish,” Latham says. In her practice, she strives to transform not only how women give birth, but also how they give rise to the best version of themselves.

    “I live on the edge of personal growth,” Latham says. “At a seed level, and on a cellular level, we are each encoded with ancestral wisdom and purpose. I am standing in my purpose with grace, guiding women across the river into their greatness. I don’t consider what I do work, it’s a calling—helping women embrace spiritual growth, optimal wellbeing, and radical self-care as a pathway to empowerment. Courage, faith and intention have been integral to my life as a mother, a leader and a woman following her dreams.”

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