Mastin Kipp is the founder of, a website, daily e-mail and twitter account that serves soulful inspiration to a new generation. Originally started as a feed of quotes sent just to Mastin’s friends, The Daily Love exploded to global fame after just a single tweet from Kim Kardashian.

    One of the many things that may encourage Mastin’s ever-expanding global following, is that he is just like us. He admits to having been “messed up, imperfect, and really good at making mistakes.”  And, to his credit, he owns up to all of it. It is in this space of vulnerability, humor and authenticity that thousands of people resonate with his truth and turn to Mastin as a contemporary thought leader and moral compass when seeking spiritual direction. Mastin’s passion for helping people transform their lives, matched with his dynamic personality explains why his seminars sell out around the world.

    Having been raised and schooled by loving parents (both scientists!) in Kansas, Mastin moved to Los Angeles while still in college to find work in the music industry. Upon landing a job and working with many top stars, he climbed to the top of the music industry and found success. But, he also found an addiction to drugs, parties and the excesses of Hollywood. He quickly lost everything that he had worked for and hit rock bottom.

    But, it was at rock bottom—without a job and living in his ex-girlfriend’s parents’ tiny pool house—that Mastin found his truest self. Ridding himself of his addictions, Mastin became influenced by various spiritual leaders such as Joseph Campbell, Caroline Myss, Tony Robbins and Oprah.  In order to spread the love, Mastin created a Twitter account @TheDailyLove, which now has more than half a million followers, and his popular website,, which features an eclectic array of contributors from Russell Simmons to Wayne Dyer.

    In September 2014, Kipp released his first book, Daily Love: Growing into Grace, written with his signature engaging spirit and humor, where he encourages other young seekers to discover their own paths. He also shares his personal stories of near-death experiences and how he found the resolve to survive and overcome them—embracing all of his experiences as part of his journey to becoming who he really is. “All spiritual-type teachers have come to teach the world what they themselves need to learn,” Mastin says.

    Hosting him on her show, Super Soul Sunday, Oprah dubbed Mastin an “up and coming thought leader of the next generation of spiritual thinkers.” Mastin’s work is also lauded by Kim Kardashian, Russell Simmons, Tony Robbins and more. His mission today is to reconnect people with what makes them happy. Mastin feels happy people make better choices, and better choices make for a better planet.

    In 2013, Mastin completed the 200-hour Yogaworks teacher training and is a certified yoga teacher. Recently, he concluded a successful 30-city North American tour. Mastin divides his time between his home in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Jenna, and conducting seminars across the USA, Europe and beyond.

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