When the Reverend Ed Bacon was 5 or 6-years-old, he was playing alone one warm morning in a grove of South Georgia pine trees. In a sudden embrace of warmth and light, he knew that he was the most special of all the people God had ever created. In that very same instant, he knew that every other creature was the most special. In fact, all of us are God’s favorites. He later developed language for that childhood experience. Now, he understands that God is actually the energy of love that lives in each of us. Genuine love pulses in everyone and in every created thing.

    That early revelation laid the foundation of love that fuels Rev. Ed’s life and work. He is a passionate advocate for peace and justice in his community, the nation, and the world. His energies focus on leadership in anxious times, peacemaking, interfaith relations, integrating family, faith and work systems and articulating the Christian faith in non-bigoted ways. Author of the book, 8 Habits of Love, he has received numerous honors for his peace and interfaith work, and he holds honorary doctorates by Church Divinity School of the Pacific and Mercer University.

    Rev. Ed and his wife, Hope Hendricks-Bacon, have two adult children and two grandchildren.

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