At age 33, Cheryl Strayed and her husband moved to a small town in Massachusetts where she didn’t know a soul. It was the perfect setting, Cheryl thought, to finally concentrate and pen the great American novel.

    But instead of writing all day at the computer, Cheryl found herself procrastinating in front of the television. “And there I was, alone in my house, and I had to ask myself those hard questions and realize that maybe I’d been lying to myself all along,” she says. “Maybe I didn’t want to write a novel. Maybe it wasn’t my calling. Maybe that thing that I felt in my heart when I was 6 was just some sort of childhood fantasy.”

    We know how Cheryl’s story ends, of course. The acclaimed author went on to write best-selling books like Wild, Tiny Beautiful Things and Brave Enough. But at that time, Cheryl considered herself an absolute failure. In this extremely candid SuperSoul Session, Cheryl explains (with plenty of wit) why embracing humility is just as important as striving for greatness.