These days, Kris Carr, author of multiple books and creator of the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer, is living life to the fullest. However, that certainly wasn’t always the case. Kris says that before she found out she had a rare and incurable Stage 4 cancer, her life was a hot mess. A “pile of steaming hot messness,” to be exact.

    In her uplifting SuperSoul Session, Kris teaches us how she let go of old habits in order to embrace her new crazy sexy life. What exactly does that mean? “Crazy is unique,” she says. “Different. The celebration of what makes you different. Sexy is informed. Empowered. Standing in your power and helping other people do the same.”

    In short, the crazy sexy lifestyle is about living like you really mean it. “It’s about saying yes and showing up for your life,” Kris says. Watch to see how we can all make little changes to live life a lot bigger.