As a child, songwriting legend Carole Bayer Sager was plagued by painful criticism and self-doubt, which manifested into crippling, lifelong anxiety. Success only magnified her difficulties. Like so many artists, Carole tells Oprah in their SuperSoul Sunday conversation, she used songwriting to heal her own troubled heart. “My personal purpose was to transform from dark to light,” she says.

    On a broader level, Carole says, her purpose has been to give to others through her music what she struggled to give herself: a way to feel less alone in the world.

    “I think my purpose here on earth has been to connect to other people and have them feel less alone,” she says. “Because I think my songs, at their best, make people feel, as people came up and told me, ‘Oh my God, you got me through a painful divorce…'”

    “What a legacy to have made people feel less alone,” Oprah says.

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