In her new memoir, They’re Playing Our Song, legendary songwriter Carole Bayer Sager reflects on her spiritual journey both in and out of the recording studio. However, it is evident in her writing, Oprah tells Carole during their SuperSoul Sunday conversation, that songwriting has been an expression of her greater purpose.

    “What I get from They’re Playing Our Song is not that you were just a songwriter,” Oprah says. “It wasn’t something that you just did. It is also who you are, and what you did came out of the who you are—that it’s an expression of a deeper, higher self.”

    Carole agrees that her identity is tied to being a songwriter. “There was no place else in my life that I was as connected and as high functioning and as positive as I was in the lane of songwriting.”

    In the above video, Carole describes the feeling of clarity she receives when she’s doing what she does best.

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