Spiritual pioneer Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith believes that words have power. When we set an intention, he says, and then start putting that intention into words, we begin a process of activating the mighty and magnificent possibilities in our life.

    No matter how challenging things get, Dr. Beckwith says, it’s important to talk about the possibilities and not your problems. “I tell people you have to talk about [the kind of life you want to live] more than you talk about your problems,” he says. “Because at the end of the day, if you’re complaining more than you’re talking about your vision, then you’re in inertia. So, there’s a shift that takes place where you’re actually talking about the possibilities more than you’re talking about your issues.”

    Shift your focus, he says, and start asking questions that open you up to life’s potential. “You ask a what-if question. You know? What if all my needs were met? What would I be doing in my life? What if everything is really working together for my good? What if all the bad things that have happened in my life are leading me to activating some great potential in my experience? What if God really is on my side?”

    Gradually, he says, you’ll begin to see change take effect in your life: “You ask a what-if question, and you start to notice little tiny miracles happening in your life.”