John Chester

    Sow and piglets

    Saving Emma

    Emma the pig is sick, underweight and very pregnant. See her inspiring journey.
    John Chester and his wife, Molly

    The Journey of Apricot Lane Farms

    In this week's SuperSoul Original Short, filmmaker John Chester shares how he and his wife, Molly, turned his dream for Apricot Lane Farms into a reality.
    Dog licking a lamb to sleep

    Dog Puts Lamb to Sleep

    Watch a beautiful moment between Sage, one of the matriarchs of the dog family, and a tired lamb as she lulls him to sleep with soothing dog licks.
    Night heron

    Night Heron

    Watch as this night heron hides among the dense foliage and tule surrounding our pond habitat, waiting for the right moment to strike.
    Monarch eating milkweed

    Monarch Eating Milkweed

    In this short film, a monarch caterpillar forages on milkweed all day long.


    A female mallard watches over her baby ducklings as they forage and traverse the 1.5 acres of diverse pond ecosystem.
    Baby birds nesting

    Baby Birds Nesting

    This beautiful moment at Apricot Lane Farms captures a lesser goldfinch feeding her babies in a Peach Orchard Tree.